• FBM Management expresses its Corporate Responsibility and Commitment to promote Occupational Environmental, Health and Safety Plan care that significantly contributes to the Company’s achievements by preserving and developing human and physical resources, by reducing costs and liabilities as a result of NO accidents. Moreover, adopting pro-active EHS system to achieve the Occupational Environmental, Health, and Safety objectives of the project by identifying work place hazards and reducing the inherent risks to manageable Levels thereby avoiding accident and consequential cost.
  • The occupational Health and Safety Plan is considered in all business and decision- making.
  • FBM Management believes that Health and Safety Plan, Personnel, Engineering, Production, Quality and Finance are of equal importance to all FBM operations.
  • Personal injuries, property loss, environmental incidents are preventable if Health and Safety Plan issues are an integral part of all business activities, thus significantly contributing to the ultimate image of the Company.
  • FBM Management will clearly demonstrate the importance and significance of a sound Safety, Occupational Health objective.
  • FBM Management ensures the deployment of adequate financial and physical resources to educate, train, and motivate employees to meet this Commitment.
  • Compliance to FBM Policy, applicable law, standards and industrial codes is the responsibility of all FBM employees and Sub-Contractors and is a condition of their Employment Contract.